Youth Climate Summit 

The summit consisted of a keynote address, two breakout workshops led by a diverse set of guest speakers with different expertise related to climate change, and the Climate Action Planning session.

Thank you to all who participated!

Here was the agenda for the Summit! 

What is a Youth Climate Summit?

At the Columbia Youth Climate Summit, high school students will learn about climate change on a personal level through plenary speakers and workshops that demonstrate actionable ways to engage in the climate movement. The Summit concludes with participants being mentored through the process of writing a climate action plan, a project outline they can implement in their school or community. We encourage high schools to register with a team of 5-8 students (please feel free to reach out to the coordinators if you would like to bring a larger group). In the weeks following the Summit, Columbia students will follow up with each high school to assist with students’ progress.

At the Columbia Youth Climate Summit, students can:

  • Hear the latest climate change research-based information about the science, and learn the economic and ecological consequences of climate change

  • Learn strategies to respond & adapt to climate change in NYC and in the process save their schools and communities money

  • Develop a Climate Action Plan to bring back to their school and community

  • Benefit through increased knowledge and development of leadership skills

  • Network with schools across New York City and beyond to learn about successful climate action

Yout Climate Summit 2021 Speaker List: 

  • Jason Smerdon, Research Professor at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia 

  • Taylor Morton,  Director of Environmental Health and Education at We Act 

  • SIMS Recycling, Recycling service company 

  • Andy Revkin, Science and Environmental journalist, author, educator 

  • Noah Rauschkolb, Columbia Mechanical Engineering Department and Sustainable Engineering Lab

  • Lucy Biggers, Host and producer for NowThis News in New York City

  • Double Discovery, Columbia Program  for low-income, first-generation high school students

  • Climatedu, Climate education curriculum

  • Ecogenzine, Digital environmental magazine

Speakers from previous summits include:


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Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Silas Swanson (, Maria Chart (, Vanessa Mendoza (, Divya Agarwala (, or Justin Paik ( with any further questions.


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