Conscious Consumption

Our committee aims to break down the capitalist machine and explain how to be more intentional and environmentally conscious about the things you buy and use. Whether it be by using second-hand items, learning how and when to dispose of items responsibly, choosing to omit the use of products altogether, or by learning how to care for things you already own, we aim to teach you to be more aware of what is and is not within your power as an individual. Feel free to stop on by and learn more about the circular economy, planned obsolescence, or our favorite thrift finds!

Meeting Time: Sunday 6:00-7:00 pm ET during general body meetings!

Committee Leaders


David Hong

CC '24


Ana Torres

GS '23


Kill the Cup Campaign

In this semesterly tradition, the Conscious Consumption Committee gives out free reusable mugs at tabling events on campus, to advocate for the elimination of disposable cups. All who bring any reusable mug to Blue Java locations receive a discount on hot drinks!


Recycling Bin Labels

After many conversations with administrators, the Committee submitted a formal proposal in spring 2018 that the university change its bin labels from confusing and inaccurate wording such as ‘Cans and Bottles’ to more descriptive labels such as ‘Plastic, Metals, Glass, and Cartons’ to make recycling more intuitive. This proposal was accepted, and in fall 2018 all bin labels were updated to the Conscious Consumption Committee’s suggestions!

Recycling Bins in Dorms

Many dorm rooms are not equipped with recycling bins inside the room, making it unlikely that students will recycle waste generated in their rooms. The Conscious Consumption Committee is campaigning to have recycling bins provided to every dorm room on campus, to make recycling more convenient for students.

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Occupancy Sensor Light Switches

Manual light switches make it all too easy for a light to stay on in an empty room for a prolonged period of time. Although the Conscious Consumption Committee advocates for turning off the lights when you leave a room, they are also working to have occupancy sensor light switches installed across campus. These switches will turn off the lights when a room is unoccupied, but not when people are present.

green light bulb.jpg