What We Do

Living Green is focused on promoting sustainable living within Columbia University and the Morningside Heights community. Each semester, we organize a number of events according to suggestions from our committee members. In the spring, we host our two flagship events: the Youth Climate Summit and Spring GreenFest. We benefit from working closely with Columbia Housing and partnering with organizations and speakers from the New York City area. If this interests you or you have ideas you want to contribute, please join our meetings, we are always happy to welcome new members at any time during the year.    

Meeting Time:  During Sunday 7pm Meeting

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Natural Tie-Dyes Tutorial Video

In this video, we show how to use plant-based tie-dyes—including avocados, beets, and turmeric—to repurpose old clothing, and reducing food and clothing waste!

Social Media Posts on Sustainability

We gather information about sustainability such as sustainable eating, tips to save energy at home, and tips in water conservation. We then created eye-catching infographics for each topic and posted them on the EcoReps Instagram account! Check them out!

Youth Climate Summit

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The Youth Climate Summit is a one day conference for high school students from around the NYC area. Our goal is for participants to learn about actionable ways to engage in the climate movement through intimate workshops with experts. The summit concludes with students writing a climate action plan- an outline of a sustainable project that they will implement in their school or community. Students work closely with experts and mentors from Columbia throughout this entire process. Our summit brings in speakers from a variety of sectors, from art to policy to technology and education, so that we can connect with all students present, and teach them how to make a difference in their own way. Our summit is part of an international network of over 70 Youth Climate Summits inspired by the Wild Center, a science museum in upstate New York.


 NYC Thrift Guide

Description: We created a compact guide of several thrift stores in the 5 boroughs of NYC. It explains the value and impact of thrifting and we offer different money values to best fit one's needs. 

Check it out: https://xd.adobe.com/view/bd6c25e2-0a15-44f1-82f4-f6b2c9fc2de7-e83f/?fullscreen

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Other Initiatives

Beyond the two major events that we host in the spring semester, members of Living Green have great freedom is designing new initiatives and events each semester, all focused on educating members of our campus community on how to live green! We consistently have committee members leading the projects they come up with. Here are some examples of events we have done in just the past two years.

Workshops: Zero Waste Workshop with free zero waste product giveaways, Make Your Own Cosmetics workshop, Pot a Plant workshop.

Campus Engagement: Electric Vehicle Showcase and Panel, Sustainable Cooking Video Series, Sustainable Shopping Guides, and Park Clean-Up.