Living Green

The goal of the Living Green Committee is to educate those around us on the many ways that they can start “Living Green.” This is accomplished by hosting numerous educational events and workshops, as well as creating videos and other types of media to distribute to the campus community.


The Dining Committee works to promote sustainable dining practices, in and out of the Dining Halls. We promote awareness of food waste in the dining halls through monthly plate-scrapings in John Jay, and work with Columbia Dining to raise awareness of new sustainable efforts—such as composting in Ferris! We also support students cooking on their own by distributing compost bins. Stay tuned for new initiatives!

Conscious Consumption

The Conscious Consumption committee encourages the Columbia Community to be critical and conscious consumers. One of our most  well-loved initiatives are Kill the Cup, which is held once per semester. Other events we work on are sustainability promotion outside of the Columbia community and within the larger NYC area.

Policy and Advocacy

Policy and Advocacy is the newest committee within EcoReps! We're planning to host multiple talks and speakers to introduce our members and Columbia's student body to careers and action items related to sustainability, the environment, and climate change. An ongoing project of ours for the Spring of 2022 is zine about underrepresented and non-traditional carreers and companies in sustainabilityl We are also joining Fridays for the Future in their global climate strike in March!