Columbia University EcoReps is a group of students working in collaboration with Columbia’s offices of Housing, Dining, and Environmental Stewardship to promote sustainable behavior and implement green initiatives on Columbia’s campus.

EcoReps was founded in 2005 by a team of students and administrators from the Offices of Housing, Dining and Student Services. The brainchild of various offices under the leadership of Scott Wright, Vice-President of Campus Services, and a group of students led by Six Silberman and Coogan Brennan to create sustainable activism, policy, and infrastructure on Columbia’s campus. They were paid employees of Housing and Dining, serving as residence hall representatives seeking to increase the amount of sustainable living education to students through outreach and initiatives like reducing each building’s energy consumption and increasing the recycling rate in particular floors. Each EcoRep would be assigned a particular dormitory and the group would meet to outline specific projects. In 2009-2010 EcoReps coordinators re-imagined the organization as a functional student group without monetary compensation or residence hall assignment due to the strain it put on the members. Split up into various committees, beginning with Food and Water, Energy, Waste and Recycling, and ECO’s (the revamped version of the earlier residence hall format), the EcoReps increased their programming, recruitment, and impact on campus. Today, the EcoReps are comprised of about 50 active student members organized into Dining, Recycling, and Living Green committees.


Executive Board

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Radhika Goyal


Radhika is a junior in Columbia College studying Computer Science and Economics. She is originally from NYC. Outside of EcoReps, she is an editor at the Columbia Undergraduate Law Review (CULR) and a CS TA and wants to pursue a career in Law. She enjoys cooking, running, listening to music and composting!


Divya Agarwala


Hi, my name is Divya Agarwala (she/her/hers) and I am a junior in CC studying Sustainable Development and Psychology. Outside of Living Green, I am involved in consulting for nonprofits through 180Degrees Social Consulting, editing for Consilience, and giving tours of campus with the Multicultural Recruitment Committee. I am interested in working at the intersection of sustainability and business. 


Mia Diaz


Mia is a junior in Columbia College from Grand Rapids, MI, studying biology. She is a co-secretary and a member of the living green committee of ecoreps. Mia is also a part of Glee Club and Bach Society on campus. She enjoys walks with her dog, painting, and trying new restaurants in NYC when she’s not in EcoReps.


Soleil Guevara


Soleil Guevara is a junior in Columbia College (CC’23), and I’m majoring in Computer Science-Math with a concentration in Visual Arts! I love photography, modeling for and with friends, and going out to try new food places in the city! I also love to cook and try out new recipes! I’m currently on the EcoReps E-Board as a Photographer for the 2021-2022 School Year. I got involved in Eco-reps because I loved the close family vibe, and I want to reduce food and plastic waste on campus! 


Isabel Schmidt

Interim Co-President

Isabel is a sophomore in Columbia College, studying Art History and Sustainable Development. She originally hails from Seattle and is a proud Pacific Northwesterner. Outside of EcoReps, Isabel runs on Columbia's Varsity Cross Country and Track & Field teams and is a tour guide for Meet Me at the Museum, an arts leadership program that gives free tours to school groups at the Met. She's been involved in EcoReps since her freshman year and loves the action-focused, supportive environment that the club fosters

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Isabelle Hazar

Supreme Overlord of TikTok

Hi everyone! My name is Isabelle Hazar and my official title is Supreme Overlord of the TikTok Account (thanks, I came up with it myself). I’m in Barnard’s Class of 2023 double-majoring in Economics (Political Economy track) and Human Rights. Sustainability and climate change advocacy are among my passions and I am really grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful group like EcoReps so I can work hard with a collective to make the planet a little healthier and safer for ourselves and for future generations!


Sydney Wells


Sydney is a sophomore at Columbia College from Buffalo, New York studying Environmental Biology. She is part of the Living Green Committee and is excited for all the EcoReps projects coming in the future. Outside of EcoReps, you can probably find her snowboarding, writing for Bwog, or watering her houseplants.


Marie Fadeyeva

Social Media

Marie is a Computer Science student and a part of the Columbia College class of 2024. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Marie has been living in Wisconsin for 7 years before coming to Columbia. Outside of EcoReps, she enjoys taking long walks, eating her weight in berries, and checking out more books from the library than she can read. Marie is also involved in multiple FGLI advocacy and activism groups.

Living Green Committee Chairs


Alexia Alejos

Alexia is a junior in SEAS studying Earth and Environmental Engineering. She is a part of the living green committee and has been a member of EcoReps since the start of her freshmen year. She is originally from Guatemala, enjoys exploring NYC, cooking, and learning about green buildings and renewable energy. 


Karina Alejos

Karina is a member of the class of 2023. She is studying Sustainable Development in CC.  She is part of the living green committee and joined EcoReps in her first year at Columbia. She is originally from Guatemala and interested in the environment and changing towards sustainable practices, green alternatives and energy. In her free time she enjoys cooking, baking and exploring NYC.

Dining Committee Chairs

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Eojin Lee

Eojin is a sophomore from Boulder, Colorado in SEAS. Outside of Dining Committee, she loves skiing, playing music, and growing small succulents.

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Delaney Michaelson

Delaney Michaelson is a sophomore at Barnard College, Columbia University, majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Environmental Science and Economics. For almost a decade, she has spearheaded multiple environmental initiatives, from redesigning waste systems at numerous institutions to implementing an ordinance for a Youth Climate Commission for Los Angeles County. Her interests intersect with local government and sustainability as she believes it is imperative for youth to be apart of the climate conversation. She continues to bridge the intersectionality of the climate crisis through positions on student government to demonstrate the necessity for collective action. 

Conscious Consumption  Committee Chairs


David Hong

David is a sophomore in CC from San Francisco, California, studying medical humanities. He is enthusiastic about sustainable living and hopes to make the Morningside Heights area greener through community outreach. Outside of EcoReps, he is a research fellow at Columbia's Neurocritical Care ICU and a project co-lead for Columbia's COVID-19 Student Service Corps. He loves to explore the outdoors, so hit him up if you need a hiking buddy! 


Ana Torres

Ana is a junior in GS majoring in Sustainable Development. Originally from Ecuador, she became interested in the socio-environmental problems threatening the well-being of communities in Ecuador. Currently, she is part of EcoReps' Living Green committee, the funding team in Engineers Without Borders Morocco, and a member of the SDG Student Hub in the Policy and Science committee. Ana loves going on hikes and participating in forest cleanups. When she is not busy, you'll find her imagining she is inside a Gonzalo Endara Crow painting.​

Policy & Advocacy Committee Chairs


Kassandra Jutis

Kassandra is a sophomore in SEAS from South Florida hoping to major in Biomedical Engineering. On-campus, she works with the technology team of Engineers Without Borders Ghana and is also a member of the American Medical Students Association. In her free time, she enjoys going to art museums, walking through Central Park, drinking coffee at cute cafes, and watching the sunset. One of her favorite things to do is sit outside on low steps or the lawn with friends and listen to music.


Nina Liloia

Nina is a student at Barnard College studying political science and sustainability. She is interested in environmental governance and activism, and in researching and crafting policy solutions that jointly solve social and environmental issues. On campus, she is also a writer and editor for Columbia Science Review. She was born in New Jersey and loves running and meeting new people.